Cragging at Cannon Mt

Geoff, Erik, J.P., and I went up to Cannon Mt in Franconia Notch yesterday for some trad cragging. It was a beautiful day on the cliff! This was my first time to Cannon, and my first real experience with crack climbing.


Another party climbing Reppy’s Crack, the first pitch of Moby Grape, 5.8


Erik placing gear on the first pitch of Raven Crack, 5.8


J.P. heading up the third pitch of Raven Crack, 5.8

I don’t have any photos of Geoff and I climbing, cause we were uh… climbing!


Here’s Geoff explaining while setting up our rappel from Lightning Crack, 5.7


And here he is rappelling off the same route.


Beautiful day on Franconia Ridge!


Looking south in the valley. You can make out Erik and J.P. beginning pitch 3 of Raven Crack, just in front of the Witney Gilman Ridge.



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